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3° Livello - C1

Docente: Ornella Pozzi
Sede: Collegio S. Giuseppe - Via Andrea Doria, 18 - Torino
Giorno: martedì ore 17:00 - 18:30

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Descrizione del corso

3° livello C1 - Perfezionamento linguistico. Conversazione. Corso in lingua

My course aims at developing the four skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking at advanced (C1) level mainly through the use of newspaper articles and short stories. No course book is required. You will be asked to register at a Google Group which will be done by simply sending me your email. Through this group you will weekly receive an article (usually from The Guardian) which will be used in class to check your reading comprehension and as topic of discussion on burning social issues. The article offers exercises on a wide range of useful words, phrases, synonyms.

You will be asked to write short compositions and stories which may be corrected in class or by email and occasionally to simulate a situation.

In my “Dispense” on this website you will find  a few short stories by contemporary writers (either British or Americans) which will be projected and read in class.

They offer a variety of styles and put you in contact with a selection of some of the best modern English language. They give an opportunity to know something more about literature but also to revise grammar structures, lexis, spelling, phonetics.

Listening activities are included, through videos and recordings either related to the topics of our reading or on idioms, colloquialisms and other aspects of the English language.

During my lessons we will speak English except in a few exceptional situations.



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